Friday, March 13, 2009

la sirene merjacket is finished!

woohoo! the jacket is done and i adore it! took pics late yesterday and am listing this on eBay starting later tonight...she's looking for her owner!

the front of the jacket has a low V neckline trimmed off with a 50s vintage looking shawl collar that morphs into a huge huggy hood. when the hood's up the shawl collar ripples like a mermaid's tail, as it should!
sleeves has 2" roll up cuffs, if you want to use them, or not. i prefer the length myself.
jacket body is chocolate brown 21 wale corduroy; shawl collar/hood front section are 21 wale dark turquoise...what a great combo!!!! the turquoise makes such a vivid difference! hood is lined with tan and brown marbled cotton which i just adore. jacket torso is lined with a loose weave cotton of ecru color with thread strands running vertically in browns. sleeves are unlined.
this is a great jacket for layering! good for 3 season wear! it's a size medium misses and has a great fem yet roomy cut.

i thought i'd never finish the applique!!!! i get carried away cutting and placing the pieces only to later realize, oh my, i gotta stitch all THAT! guilty of being strung out on details!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Mermaid, Merboy and Merbaby Applique

"la sirène et ses enfants"...the mermaid with her merchildren...
...this applique scene took me four days to create from sketch to finishing beadwork.
this is the back of a hooded jacket i'm creating.

the mermaid is holding a 'star of the sea' sceptre which can grant her children's wishes and also holds the power of divine love. the starfish has 7 legs, representing the Seven Seas. her little merboy is getting ready to blow Triton's horn shell, hopefully to calm the seas! the merbaby is holding out a vintage mother of pearl 'pearl' for the little curious fish.

i love adding beadwork/beads to my applique work as it gives it dimension and enlivens things.

this is my passion...just sharing!

once the jacket is completed, i'll add more pics.

This is my first blog entry. Greetings and Blessings to All! xo lily